Women who’ve had work done may be perceived as more likable


People get plastic surgery for a host of reasons—confidence building, reconstruction, internalizing our culture’s unrealistic views of beauty and aging. But an added benefit for some women who’ve had work done to their faces? Others may perceive them as being more likable.

A small new study from Georgetown University Medical Center has found that certain cosmetic procedures alter how other assess personality. Researchers asked 170 people to rate images of 30 different Caucasian women who had undergone plastic surgery, based on attractiveness, femininity, and personality traits including extroversion, likability, social skills, aggressiveness, and trustworthiness. The participants were shown either a pre-op or post-op photo (never both), and were not informed that the women were about to undergo or had already undergone plastic surgery. 

Researchers found that participants tended to rate the women in the post-surgery photos as displaying higher levels of social skills, likability, attractiveness, and femininity. They also tended to rate them…

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