Daily Prompt: All it’s cracked up to be – oh shutup Daily Prompt

Chronicles of an Anglo Swiss

Tell us about a time when everything actually turned out exactly as you’d hoped. A further instalment of my drain story as Daily Prompt has become a non-inspiring prompt, a catastrophe.

Cleaning the drainage

When the drain exorcist arrived we were full of hope. Could he expel the spirit that had moved into the insides of our waste water system. We could see from the beginning that this would not be a simple job. First of all he knelt on the kitchen floor and made a few incantations. He opened the cupboard to find the source of the strange glugging noises our water disposal unit was uttering. Various steps had to be taken.

First of all the drain exorcist removed our garbage can with it automatic opening lid and then he had space. The next step was to take away the “u” bend beneath the drainage. The drain exorcist proudly showed us the…

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